Rendering fluid particles

with the CubeSurfer Addon

It's now possible to render your CubeSurfer projects at blendergrid! We've installed the CubeSurfer Addon at our servers and it works really well :)

(turn on your sound for the best experience)

This is a test shot to see if the addon runs properly at our farm. The simulation is relatively low-res with 100,000 particles and was done in a few minutes. Calculating the fluid surface and rendering the SSS and glass shaders would actually take a lot longer, but we were able to do it in less than 3 hours at 4096 samples by using a couple of our fast render servers :)

CubeSurfer Addon?

In case you don't know what we're talking about here, the CubeSurfer addon is a Blender addon developed by Jean-Francois Gallant from It allows you to generate a mesh around your particle system, so if you simulated fluid particles, it will create the actual fluid surface around them! This technique is used by most fluid solvers like RealFlow but wasn't really possible in Blender before. With this addon, you can do a lot more with your particles. It even supports Cycles motion blur by using shape keys!

The 100,000 particles


If you want to install the addon yourself, go to this page and follow the instructions.

You can download the original scene file of the orange juice shot here (unbaked): blendergrid-wineglass-pour.blend

And we should not forget to give credit to Lars-Kristian for modeling the awesome wine glass. Available here at BlendSwap.

Happy Blending!

Richard van der Oost
Richard van der Oost

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