Our Mission

To create a platform that can render Blender projects as fast and convenient as possible

Thanks for checking out Blendergrid :)

3D rendering is amazing. I'm proud to be part of this wonderful service, helping fellow Blenderheads produce beautiful 3D content. If you are using Blendergrid, thanks for making it possible for us to run this service. In return, we will continue to build and improve, and we still have a lot to work on.

Richard, Founder.

How it started

Years ago (when Richard was still living in his mom's basement) he got obsessed with 3D rendering and started building a render farm. He had no clue what he was doing so he gathered a team of people way smarter than him. With consistency, hard work and incremental improvements, Blendergrid has grown into the service you see today. And this is just the beginning :)