About Blendergrid

The story behind the render farm

2012 - Before there was a farm

Back in 2012, I had to produce a photo-realistic shot for a client. They set a pretty tight deadline. After I got most of the work done in Blender, I rendered a few frames and realized my mistake.. I was going to miss the deadline because of the poor performance of my computer...

The struggle

I tried to hook up my computer, laptop and some other laptops from friends together on the same network, as sort of a home-made render farm: that didn’t work very well.. The different computers ended up rendering a lot of frames double and it was quite hard to work with..

The secret to rendering faster

After a few stressful days, I managed to get it all done and made the deadline (barely). But there was no time left for improvements.. Some months later, I was talking to a friend about this problem. He runs an IT company and told me you can actually use "the cloud" to do heavy calculations like 3D rendering. That seemed a very interesting idea so I decided to give it a try.

We created a system

Together with an experienced developer, we built a system that was able to render Blender scenes extremely fast "in the cloud". When we got it working, it was such a big relief! It allowed me to create stunning 3D shots and meet very tight deadlines. I was even able to make quick changes to my scene if the client requested so (and they always do).

Other Blender heads

After rendering my own Blender scenes successfully with this system, I decided to share it with the Blender community. Basically everyone with a working internet connection could now give it a try. Soon enough, other Blender artists discovered Blendergrid which allowed them to render their scenes a lot faster:

I love being able to rely on Blendergrid to 'just work'

Thanks for being awesome, I literally wouldn't be able to do my job if it wasn't for you guys (without purchasing a personal server farm). It's always 3 days heads up around here. I'm glad you guys seem to be taking the approach of making something simple that works really well, and adding features slowly. I love being able to rely on Blendergrid to 'just work' when I need it to.

Tyler Disney - Lead Visualization Engineer at Integral Group

This goes well past my experience...

Tonight I submitted two renders and (without my knowledge) I had appended an unwanted node-string in the compositor, which ruined my renders. I emailed support - not expecting any reply at least until morning - and within minutes Richard replied. Minutes later he had found a way to stitch together pre-composited snippets, which he transferred immediately, saving my skin. This goes well past my experience of other cloud rendering services and exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Richard for great service and humanity and a wonderful service!

Robin de Roubaix - Independent Freelancer, Qatar

I can't tell you how much of a lifesaver this has been for us!

Thank you so much! I’m copying over the images now. I can't tell you how much of a lifesaver this has been for us! Our computers wouldn’t have been able to handle this many frames in the amount of time we had. You’ve been so accommodating and easy to work with, and I really appreciate it! Your farm was fast and affordable, and next time we have a project this big, I think we’ll probably use your service again instead of trying to scramble to get things done. Thank you again!

Heather Meade - Animator at Rain Drop Products

Blendergrid is by far the easiest to use

I have tried other Render Farms in the past and Blendergrid is by far the easiest to use and the price was amazing! Blendergrid also provided a helpful, friendly and prompt customer service. Since Blendergrid ran my entire render my computer was free to work on other projects. I am very excited to upload more Blender projects in the near future. Thank you, I highly recommend your service to others. Keep up the amazing work!

Deyson Ortiz - Creator at Motion-Master-Templates

Thumbs up! I'll be back!

After testing Blendergrid for the first time I have to say that it met all of my expectations. The price was reasonable and my 3D animation was rendered very quickly (in less than five hours). Had I used my personal computer, it would have taken several days. Thumbs up! I'll be back!

Zacharias Reinhardt - 3D Artist & Blender Trainer
Tyler Disney
Robin de Roubaix
Heather Meade
Deyson Ortiz
Zacharias Reinhardt

Now it's up to you

Now it’s time to see how fast we can render your scene. Imagine hundreds of computers running Blender and rendering frames of your animation! You can upload your Blender scene here at step 1, and go through the process. You can even tell us how long the rendering should take, to make sure it will be finished well before your deadline so you'll have enough time left for post processing!

Richard van der Oost - Founder