Frequently Asked Questions

In case something is not quite clear

How does pricing work?

After you upload your Blender scene here, we run some tests and based on the complexity of the scene we send you a price quote. You are by no means obligued to continue with the purchase after this, if you just want to upload your project to see how much it would cost, that's totally fine!

Is the Filmic Colormanagement supported?

Yes, we've added support for "Filmic Blender". You can use it by just setting your color management settings to "Filmic Log Encoding Base" in your .blend file and uploading it as usual.

Can I just render a single image instead of an animation?

Yes you can. We can even render a single frame on multiple computers to speed it up. Just choose 'Single Image' after you uploaded a scene, and you're good to go!

Can I set the output to be a video file?

Yes, we support the following video formats: AVI JPEG, AVI Raw, H.264, MPEG and Ogg Theora. If you select a video format that we don't support, we just render your frames a PNG sequence and you can encode it on your own computer. Andrew Price explains how: Rendering animations

What's the maximum file size I can upload?

We can handle files up to 5GB. If you have trouble uploading, send us an email and share the file with us using a file sharing service, then we'll upload it for you.

How can I make sure my textures and other necessary files are included?

You can put your whole project into a .zip file and upload it like that. You could also use the packing feature in Blender and pack all your textures inside the .blend file.

Can I set the output to Multilayer EXR?

Yes, you can set any file output type. Some movie formats are not supported but if that's the case we just output it as a lossless PNG sequence, so you can encode it to a video format later on.

Can I use the compositor?

Yes, you can definitely use the compositor. We just run it like you've set it up. You can even use file output nodes if you want to!

Can I use Drivers and Python scripts?

Yes you can, we enable all automatic scripts and drivers so you don't have to worry anything breaks.

How long does it take to render my animation?

You can choose your preferred render time at submitting. We make sure we use enough computers to render your project within this timeframe.

Can I upload multiple projects at once?

Yes, if you put all projects into a single .zip file and keep it under 2GB, you can upload that single .zip file and submit multiple .blend files.

Can I use particle systems and simulations?

Yes, if you want to use particle systems or simulations make sure everything is baked. Smoke simulations for example use an external cache, this means it creates extra files outside your regular .blend file. To render these kind of simulations, just put everything in a .zip file and upload it.

I have warnings about unbaked particle systems, is that bad?

If you have dynamic particle systems or hair systems (moving particles or moving hair strands) you should bake them before submitting, otherwise the result can be very funky. If your particles or hairs are not moving at all, it doesn't matter and you can ignore these warnings.

Is the rigify addon enabled?

Yes, we support the rigify addon. We enable Python and Drivers automatically so that should be no problem.

Can I use the Pro-Lighting Skies and Pro-Lighting Studio addons from Blenderguru?

Yes, we support the use of these addons. With the Pro-Lighting Skies you have to pack the sky texture into the .blend file right before you submit to blendergrid. You can do this in Blender by clicking on 'File' > 'External Data' > 'Pack All Into .blend'

Which render engines are supported?

Currently we support the two main render engines: Cycles and Blender Internal. If you're using a different render engine, please contact us to talk about the possibilities.

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